Useful trip info Stavanger

To enter Norway

Through the Schengen Agreement it is not necessary to show a passport when entering Norway. However you should bring a passport, personal ID or driving licence to be able to prove your identity.

Speed Limit

When you travel in Norway, in general, the speed limit on Norwegian roads is 80 km/h. In built-up areas the speed limit is 50 km/h, in some areas the speed limit is 30 km/h. On some urban expressways speed limits may be up to 80 km/h, provided that certain technical and safety standards are met. Outside built-up areas speed limit on the road is 90 km/h, on expressway 110 km/h and on highway 130 km/h.

Emergency service

Please call the police at 112, the fire department at 110 and the emergency doctor at 113.

Alcohol and Smoking

The legal age for buying wine and beer is 18, spirituous beverages are allowed at the age of 20.  It is allowed to buy Tabaco and Cigarettes at the age of 18.  Smoking is not permitted in all public areas and buildings.

Legal limits for drink driving

General limit: 0,2 %o

Money exchange

It is possible to exchange money in almost every bank near tourist information office, in the post-office or withdraw the money in local currency from the ATM. The current exchange rate is 1€ = 8.378 NOK.


Penalties for speeding 20 km/h start at 450€. Norway is the only European country who regularly condemns its citizens to prison sentences for speeds that seem perfectly natural for citizens of other European countries. 150 km/h on a motor road under perfect conditions is enough to land you in jail for at least 18 days – unconditionally.

Useful phrases

Thank you = Tusen takk
Excuse me = Unnskyld meg
Hospital = Sykehus
Do you accept credit card? = Tar dere kredittkort?
Can you help me? = Kan du hjelpe meg?