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2015-06-12 18:25:00 CEST

Hits for Kids

The Beach Camp at the Stavanger Major let little toddlers play and learn beach volleyball very same sand that on which the world’s top players compete. This little dream factory evidently plants lasting impressions, as well as important seeds for the future of the sport.

‘Rubbing shoulders with the stars’ would be an accurate term here, except for the fact that the height of a full-blown international beach volleyball player effectively makes them out of reach for the average eight year old. Nevertheless, this is exactly what the Beach Camp is all about, albeit in a more figurative sense. Here kids can try playing with a volleyball, just like the ‘grown-up’ stars on the court next to them. Dad Knut Olav Straumstøyl watches his two daughters together with the rest of the future stars under firm supervision from the trainer.
“We simply walked by and the people from Beach Camp invited us to join. Sina and Leah were immediately up for it.”

Photocredit: Mike RanzPhotocredit: Mike Ranz

Grains of Major importance

After Stavanger Major, the sand from the tournament will be shipped to Ynglingehallen on Eiganes in Stavanger. Here there will be a great new beach volleyball centre with 8 courts – a focus of huge importance for local recruitment. Dad Knut Olav has high hopes for the future of beach volleyball, both locally and more personally.  
“I know I have experienced a lot of thrill from this sport and I of course wish my girls will like it and can find the same joy. Of course you can’t plan something like that for your kid, but you can at least open the door,” he sais.

Hard hitting kids

Leah (8) and Sina (6) have a time-out from their buzzy training schedule at the Activity Court, to rest those fingers, hydrate and contemplate the next session.

How do you like playing beach volleyball?

“WE LIKE IT!” they simultaneously agree.

What do you like the most?

“To play on a team!” Sina affirms.