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2015-06-13 17:45:00 CEST

Norway’s top man in chess, Magnus Carlsen, defeated on Center Court Stavanger

Chess and beach volleyball proved to be an exciting mix at Stavanger Major.

The Norwegian chess grandmaster Magnus Carlsen, reigning World Chess Champion, is currently ranked no 1 in the world with a peak rating of 2882 – currently the highest in history. At 3 pm today he and his friend and chess grand master-colleague Jon Ludvig Hammer, joined up with the Norwegian beach volleyball team Janne Kongshavn Hordvik and Victoria Kjolberg to play a friendly match of chess/beach volleyball.

“Aim for Magnus”

Prior to the match Jon Ludvig Hammer confessed he very much looked forward to playing at Stavanger Major. “My strategy is to aim my fierce underarm serve at Magnus. Partly because the girls will be better at receiving and partly because Magnus is more eager than skilled at smashing, so I aim for him to mess it up. Then, if he fail, it is of course important to taunt him thoroughly.”

The beach volley ball game

The strategy of Jon Ludvig Hammer proved to play in his favour. Magnus and Victoria give away easy points early in the match. After getting the feel for it, however, the duo picks up the pace. The game is open, with some solid digs at and smashes from Carlsen. Despite this he and Victoria lose 16 – 21. “This is my fault!” Magnus admits immediately after the match.
“Its great to play with professional volleyball players, just to bad we couldn’t make good use of the great passes and sets from Victoria.”


In the chess match, it is soon evident that the fierce competitors have a well-proven game plan. The girls clearly play it safe and move back and forth, while the boys try to push and attack. It is for long a stalemate game, until Victoria – pressed for time – makes a single wrong move, giving Jon Ludvig the opportunity he needs. Jon Ludvig instantly sets the star-duo checkmate: Game over

“I have never lost this much to Jon Ludvig!” Magnus confess after the game.